Vitality scans

Measure the current state of affairs with regard to vitality in your organisation.

Identify the level of vitality in your company

Getting started with vitality is key to the sustainable employability of your employees and consequently your company’s performance. Our free scans will provide you with insight into the current state of affairs regarding vitality in your company, where your staff’s needs lie and in which areas gains can be made. As an employer, you fill in the orientation scan yourself. The scan for employers allows your staff answer to questions anonymously on how they feel about their level of vitality and what they need.

The orientation scan

The free orientation scan that you fill in as an employer will tell you in just 10 minutes how things stand in terms of what attention is given to vitality in your company. The results will be available immediately.

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The scan for employees

The free scan for employees is digital questionnaire to be filled in by your workforce. This scan provides insight into what your employees need when it comes to vitality and what they would like to get started with. It marks a great place from which to launch a vitality programme that matches the wishes of your employees. The results can be seen in a clear and interactive dashboard and employees can view their own score and are given tips.

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