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You have filled in your employer’s scan and want to take the first steps right away. We are glad to help you get started! We have set out tips for each theme below.

Physical activity

  • Getting enough physical activity is easier than you might think. These Exercise guidelines show how much and what kind of exercise is good for you.
  • The Netherlands is the champion at sitting. However, too much sitting does not go with a healthy lifestyle. Every sports publication has an article about the negative effects too much sitting has on your health and vitality.
  • Performing weekly muscle and bone strengthening exercises will make you fitter. This article shows you several specific exercises.
  • Take a quick break from your working day to do an exercise without leaving your workplace. This video for home workers features exercises you can do at your desk.
  • Even when your job involves heavy work (e.g. in construction) it is important to get enough exercise in your leisure time.
  • Check whether your way of working puts too much strain on your body with the ergonomics questionnaire Hoe Top Werk Jij?


  • You can find all kinds of tips for healthy eating here.
  • You can find out how to get started here.
  • How do you eat healthily and get enough exercise if you work from home? Click here to check out what to look out for.
  • You’ll find plenty of inspiration for healthy recipes here
  • Would you like to make healthier choices at the supermarket? The Am I making healthy choices? app can help.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs


Mental balance


All information on this page was created in collaboration with the Netherlands Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre and the Trimbos Institute.