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Every organisation with a vitality programme can apply for the Vitaal Bedrijf Vignette. This Vignette shows everyone at a glance that vitality is a key issue in your organisation. The granting of the vignette is subject to several criteria. For instance, an organisation must have assessed the vitality of its employees through an internal or external survey; it must regularly organise activities related to various themes in which a large number of employees actually participate, and the process must be conducted under expert guidance. This page shows which companies have a Vitaal Bedrijf Vignette.

First Vitaal Bedrijf Vignettes awarded

On 5 October, Martine Schuijer, Director of the NLOM! Foundation, and Jan Willem Landré, programme leader at Vitaal Bedrijf, awarded the first two Vitaal Bedrijf Vignettes to IT service provider KNNS, and Perspectief, a health and safety service provider and specialist in labour mobility and sustainable employability. Read more.


These companies have already been awarded the Vitaal Bedrijf Vignette


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