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Our experts are equipped with the latest scientific insights which they use to advise us about effective vitality programmes for companies. We are pleased to be able to introduce them to you.

Netherlands Nutrition Centre

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) aims to promote healthy and more sustainable food choices among consumers under the motto “better for you and the environment”. The starting point is the Wheel of Five. For this reason, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre encourages the eating environment to be designed in such a way that choosing healthy, sustainable and safe food is easy, obvious and accessible for everyone.

Contact person: Valérie Klostermann, Senior Project Manager

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Trimbos Institute

The Trimbos Institute stands for a mentally healthy society in which people have as much control as possible over their own lives and feel connected.  It focuses on five core themes: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, mental health & prevention, and care & participation. Contact person: Maddy Blokland, Alcohol, Drugs and Medicine (ADM) policy advisor and contact for companies regarding core themes at Trimbos

Contact person: Margriet Formanoy, Project Manager for Workplace Mental Health & Prevention. She is the main contact for companies regarding the core theme of mental balance.

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Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity

Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity makes knowledge from science, policy and practice available and applicable for professionals. Knowledge about the importance and effects of sport and physical activity, about what works and what doesn’t. We also advise and support professionals with complex issues and reaching their own work-related goals.

Contact person: Kirsten de Klein, Fit & Healthy Account Manager

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